The Walking Dead: Will the Midseason Finale Go Where the Comic Book Did?

IGN: We're going into some major spoilers for The Walking Dead comic book here - specifically for the events that occurred in issue #48 (or the end of Compendium One, for those reading it that way). While it's speculation on what could happen in the TV show, be warned, this could also end up being a huge spoiler for this Sunday's Walking Dead midseason finale, if any of this does occur. Read on at your own peril! Also, for this story, comic book spoilers will be allowed in the comments as well. (But just this story!)

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-Foxtrot1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


Since in the comics Lilly shoots Lori and accidentally kills Judith aswell I would like to see a scene similar with she goes to shoot someone but accidentally shoots Carl and kills him....after that she blames the Governor and kills him.

Ricks character development after that could be amazing, see him spiralling down into a dark place even more.

It's either that or the re-enact the scene with Beth and Judith but I highly doubt they would kill a baby on TV, you know how careful networks are these days.

It has to be Judith or of Ricks love ones because that scene then doesn't work as well

Lets face it aswell hardly no one likes Carl, each season he gets more annoying, plus this whole trying to be like a badass so we'll like him is getting annoying...he's weighing Rick down.

Soldierone1630d ago

I think Carl is awesome this season. For a while there they did make him annoying, but now they let him grow up a little and even Rick is trusting him more, so its fun to watch.

-Foxtrot1630d ago he bloody isn't

He's alright in the comics because your just reading but what you get on the screen is horrible. They are trying to turn him into this badass when it just comes off really badly.


Hershal died last night and so many good characters like Dale before Carl have died. There is no point keeping a crappy character like that around

Last night would of been better if he found Carls body next to Judith (alive), broke down, Walkers surround him and the next thing you know is Carol saving him...knowing what it's like to loose a child herself.

The whole trust thing between him and Rick is off putting and I'd rather they spend that character time on other characters like Tyrese or Daryl....hell even Maggie

Soldierone1630d ago

We already saw that. Without Carl, Rick just becomes the Governor. Except he doesn't go kill his own group, he just wonders off alone until he dies. He just got out of a depressed state due to a loss, why send him right back through it?

Carl is evolving and isn't useless, he actually plays a bigger role than just a character. Dale hit a wall, so he left. Hershal was eventually going to hit a wall, better off letting him go when he was in badass stage. Next will probably be Tyreese or Beth since she is beginning to play that "moral" character.

They are introducing 3 new characters, which means some current ones are leaving. We already lost one, we will see another couple leave, especially if any of the governors group joins them (the sisters survived the episode)

Lord_Sloth1630d ago

Every season end aside from the 1st I've lost a favorite.


1st was Shane, then Merle, now the Governor...Yet stupid Carol gets to survive and Bob wasn't left for dead. I don't really like anybody left in the show now.

I'm also kinda mad that Andrea was never the badass she was in the comics.

******END SPOILERS******