CGMagazine Reviews: Ender's Game

For those unfamiliar with the text, some plot summary is in order. Let’s do it. In a distant future, earth is reeling from an unexpected attack from an insectoid alien species. Society has a more military focus, with kids wanting nothing more than to qualify for star fighter training in their youth. Ender (Hugo’s Asa Butterfield) is one such teen. He’s a bit of a live wire (like his brother), but he also has a big heart (like his sister). Thankfully, a surrogate father and mother team in the international military notice those qualities (Harrison Ford’s Colonel Graft and Viola Davis’ Major Anderson, respectively). They draft Ender to join their teenage star fighter school. From the beginning, they feel Ender’s impressive tactical skills would make for an ideal space commander. Graft goes out of his way to make training difficult for Ender to mold him into a tough-as-nails leader while Anderson feeds him morality—subjecting him to psychological videogames to subtly nurture his compassion. Gradually Ender rises through the ranks until it looks like the kid just might be worthy to lead humanity to victory, much like his boyhood hero Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley).

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