A Teaser for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer


Yesterday brought us the first poster for Marvel's upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier and in anticipation of tomorrow's trailer release, Marvel Studios has unveiled a special sneak peek which you can find in the player below.

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darklordzor1675d ago

Bah! Right before I posted it. Nice one.

BoxOfficeBuz1675d ago

And right before I post it too. You are quick sir. I tip my hat to you.

darklordzor1675d ago

You'll see that Crazay has magical powers when it comes to posting things. I mean, I get these press releases the same time as the other sites do, and I still can't post it up as fast as he does.

Crazay1675d ago

LOL! Didn't you know that I was one with the Internet?

barb_wire1674d ago

When they said teaser, they mean't it..

aDDicteD1674d ago

Cant wait! I have high hopes on this sequel.

-Foxtrot1674d ago

It's like each film with Black Widow has to feature a different hair style

ironfist921674d ago

I dont see how or why she's relevant to the series, she has no backstory and barely contributes to anything. Same with Hawkeye

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The story is too old to be commented.