The Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster Arrives


Marvel has just debuted the first official poster for their upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier which you can see below. They also revealed that the first teaser trailer for the film will make its way online this Thursday. Check back here for the teaser trailer and sound off below with your thoughts on the new poster!

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Soldierone1706d ago

I'm curious to how this movie turns out. I liked the first film, but a lot of people didn't really get "amazed" by it. At least people I talk to. They are the same people that get blown away when a movie is nothing but explosions too.

krazykombatant1706d ago

I personally thought that Capt. America and Thor are the best Marvel movies at the moment. Definitely better story and build up than the Iron Man movies IMHO. But I dislike the iron man movies for their crappy villains and anti-climatic endings.

cell9891705d ago

Super crappy villains in Iron Man 3 is what pissed me off the most

darklordzor1705d ago

I thought The First Avenger was the best Marvel film (aside from Iron Man) of the Phase 1 group (Thor was the weakest), and so I've been way more interested in seeing this sequel than the others.

I probably liked it more because it wasn't all about the explosions and spectacle, but tried to tell a deeper character driven story with it.

DarkBlood1706d ago

Hopfully i can find a poster like that, i need invidual type superhero posters lol

StarWarsFan1697d ago

I liked the original's WW2 setting. But this one does seem to look cool in the modern day too. The costume is looking good.