We Know Who The Front-Runner For 'Janet Van Dyne' In Ant-Man Is; The Answer Will Shock You


It seems like forever since it was revealed that Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World director, Edgar Wright was announced to bring the tiniest Avenger to the big screen. Earlier this month we received word that, This Is 40 star Paul Rudd and The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt were the front-runners for the title role. Now, I’ll level with you, I’m usually never this formal in my writing, but when it comes to delivering a scoop or an exclusive, I shine my shoes and comb my hair. Late last year, I got a strange email from an anonymous source, I would tell you who it is, but my source has told me not to. So anyway, back to the source, I received an email in November of last year that read, “Edgar Wright plans to have Paul Rudd play Ant-Man.” That’s a legitimate quote from the email. Now, this was in November. So if you follow me on Twitter (@RobDogg_) you’d know, that for months I’ve been saying “Paul Rudd for Ant-Man.” And look at us now.

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Crazay1706d ago

She looks the part. Could be a good casting

aDDicteD1706d ago

i dont know the actress and have not checked out her acting prowness but based on the single photo given in the article, she looks pretty and i like that i can envision her for the part, even if it is just a rumor i give it a solid ok.

StarWarsFan1698d ago

I don't know if people will flock to see this movie.