Carrie | Den of Geek Review

The richness found within De Palma’s adaptation of Stephen King’s tale of high school bitchcraft is still recognizable, even if director Peirce does her version of Carrie without budging once to entertain with the same ballsy attitude (De Palma’s opening shot of Carrie is miles ahead, and more wild and striking than anything on display here). And for viewers of a certain age, a chord or two this remake might strike, especially with its more extreme take on bullying. For those who saw Kick-Ass 2 this past August, the Mean Girls violence of Carrie 2013 goes to a sadistic level far beyond the childish “puke stick” utilized by Moretz’s Hit-Girl. But as someone very familiar with De Palma’s film, this remake is an obnoxious echo of what has already been said; a reminder of the same intriguing ideas of maturity, social exposure, other-ness, etc., that still works decades after 1976.

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