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This movie is one that I’ve been looking forward to, Tom Hanks is a great actor, and the trailers looked really intense. This movie did not disappoint once I got the chance to see it. Tom Hanks is incredible; his performance is great throughout most of the movie, but when you get toward the end, his performance turns from great to amazing. He should get an Academy Award nomination, and if there is no leading performance better, he needs to win. I also find it interesting that the four pirates featured in the movie are all distinguishable from each other. When watching the trailers I was under the impression that the leader was going to be the only one of the group to be singled out, but no, each pirate feels different from each other. Director Paul Greengrass’s direction makes this movie feel intense. You prey to God that no one dies, except the pirates, and once you get to the last act, you are really on the edge of your seat and it really leads into the way of getting a Best Pictu...

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