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"Don Jon does what I haven’t seen a romantic comedy do since (500) Days of Summer, give you a movie that is still clearly in genre, but completely refreshing and different from everything else out there. Joseph Gordon Levitt did what I never thought anyone could ever do, make me care about a character that is one of those douchebags everyone hates. Joseph Gordon Levitt has been one of my favorite actors for several years now and Don Jon proves that he is much more talented than everyone has given him credit for. Go see this movie." - David Rhinehart of Geekenstein

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iliimaster1758d ago

the accent is my only problem but man shes so hot

cell9891758d ago

the accent is what makes her even hotter

Panthers1758d ago

I couldnt date a girl with a northern accent. Like nails on a chalk board lol.

Southern is the way to go!

cell9891757d ago

I couldn't date a girl with a southern accent lol, to each it's own I guess TGFSJ

RedHawkX1757d ago

they should of made a movie like this but on the different subject of white woman who been watching rap music videos and have unrealistic expectations of there true love. none of them dead beats yall dating will become filthy rich like lil wayne etc. they actually will end up getting you killed like the shootings that recently happend around my area and a chick was ran over and killed. real life elysium will happen because woman keep breeding with these dead beats and dudes who dont care about life and happiness for all. listen to the tlc song i dont want know scrubs if your man has one thing in common with anything they say then ditch him you dumbies.