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Chris Hemsworth Talks Rush and More

One of my favorite films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was director Ron Howard’s Rush. Based on the true life events, the film takes place in the world of Formula One racing, and chronicles the 1970s rivalry between Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and British driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth)—primarily during the 1976 season. Rush also stars Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara.

While at TIFF, I landed a video interview with Chris Hemsworth. He talked about what surprised him about the story, how he prepared to play James Hunt, what his friends and family said when he landed the role, whether Joss Whedon has told him anything about The Avengers sequel, and more. Hit the jump to watch.

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alycakes1764d ago

I want to see Rush but I don't know if I will at the theater. Avengers for sure.

Cat1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

As an F1 fan been really looking forward to this, but with The Toddler it'll be a home viewing.


coolbeans1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

"As an F1 fan..."

Interesting tidbit.


I'm still going back and forth about seeing this in theaters. Reviews are generally positive but work and being whipped by a certain somebody until I submit some game reviews is eating away at my time. :P

Cat1762d ago

Write a review on Rush ;)


Soldierone1762d ago

I'm interested in the movie as well and fall into the "ehh do I want to see it in theaters?" boat lmao, glad I'm not alone.