Gamevolution: You're Next Review

Based on its synopsis, you wouldn’t think that this was anything to write home about. A family gathers for a reunion dinner in a cabin in the woods only to find themselves in the crosshairs of a cell of masked psychopaths armed with crossbows and machetes. When the fam’s contact with the outside world is cut off completely, they find themselves at the mercy of the mysterious killers. To anyone who has seen a few horror movies this sounds just formulaic enough to be boring, and it would be if the whole thing weren’t done so damn well. The family’s anxiety about being back together is palpable, and it plays well with the sense of impending doom that permeates once arrows and axes start flying. The first twist, (deliberate and well done, not forced and flashy) come at the very second that the movie runs out of things to do within the confines of formulaic horror. This is the most interesting portion of the movie, so naturally I’m going to spoil it into the seventh circle of hell.

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