Ben Affleck's Batman Will Be 'Tired and Weary and Seasoned'


It was less than a month ago that Warner Bros. set social media on fire with word that Ben Affleck had signed on to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Zack Snyder's still-untitled Superman/Batman follow-up to Man of Steel. Today, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara said, via Variety, that Affleck is the "perfect" choice and revealed that the Dark Knight will have been around for some time when the film begins.

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DarkBlood1652d ago

well that will be interesting to see, just want the damn movie out already lol must see it

Crazay1652d ago

I think that one of the first things they have to do when the marketing campaign gets under way, is to show Affleck as Batman immediately. Especially if they really think that he nailed the role with his performance.

3-4-51651d ago

In Between Animated series and batman beyond.

Anthotis1652d ago

Bennifer's Batman will be shit, shit and shit.

frelyler1652d ago

I say wait and see. Ben Affleck is an academy award winner and a good actor when given good material. Now that I have articulated why I think it will be at least good, please inform everyone as to the specifics of why you have the opinion you do. Keep in mind, "Daredevil sucked" is not a valid point.

Crazay1651d ago

I accidentally hit disagree but I'm with you on this. He is a very very good actor whose talent really shines when he has proper direction and material.

KingPin1651d ago

i read crazay comment and immediately this came to mind

Lord_Sloth1651d ago

Do you have to comment the same, tired comment on every Batfleck article? You're giving him more attention than I am, and I'm looking forward to it!

darren_poolies1651d ago

Oh could I please borrow your time machine?

Deku-Johnny1651d ago

He's a decent actor but he doesn't look like he'd be good a playing those things. I think Josh Brolin would have been a much better 'tired and weary and seasoned' Batman. But I guess we'll see in 2015.

DarkBlood1651d ago

sounds like your guessing one will be bad and one will be good if we are unsure about it i guess like others are saying to wait and see what happens before we confirm our thoughts

Deku-Johnny1650d ago

I'm not making any definite thoughts on it yet, I'm just saying Affleck doesn't look to fit the whole rugged thing they're going for. He'd have been perfect if they were going for a Batman that was just starting out.

GenericNameHere1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

So can we expect Jason Todd? Or at least Nightwing and Tim Drake? If you're gonna have Bruce in his 40s, we definitely need sidekicks. Maybe he's now "tired and weary" because he can't forgive himself for letting Jason die? Under The Red Hood was a good animated movie, and I personally would love to see Red Hood in the big screen.

SilentNegotiator1651d ago

The movies need to take a cue from DC's amazing straight to DVD movies. 75% of those animated features have been not just good, but exceptional.

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