Independent Cinema - Blue Jasmine Review

Independent Cinema writes: It is not very often that I can get behind movies that attempt to have the viewer sympathize with “rich, white people problems” and because of this, movies like This is 40 and The Queen of Versailles fell flat for me. So knowing that Woody Allen’s next film was going to be a film about a woman going from riches to rags, there was already a barrier placed between me and the movie. Fortunately, Blue Jasmine has the ability to make you sympathize with, while also despising, Cate Blanchett’s character – a balance which makes for one of the most interesting character studies in film this year. Woody Allen’s love for the city is put on hold to craft a commentary on wealth, the people who have it, and why we hate those people. Most surprisingly though is the subdued “voice” of Allen which tends to be presented through some character in his films, but in Blue Jasmine is absent. All of the ways in which Allen restrains himself helps to create a compelling character drama that is filled to the brim with actors that deserve praise come awards season, and another knock-out female lead in an Allen film.

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