The Playlist's TIFF Review: 'Dallas Buyers Club'

The Playlist;
It's 1986, just months after Rock Hudson's death brings AIDS to its biggest public attention yet, but as far as Ron Woodruff (Matthew McConaughey) is concerned, the real tragedy is the number of Hollywood babes the legendary actor could've easily bedded if he was straight. Along with cocaine, booze and whatever else can give him a good time, sex is an addiction for the Texas man, who seems to have been born with a cowboy hat on his head, a Budweiser in his hand and one eye constantly on the opposite sex. He's a good ol' boy and hustler, playing for and betting on anything. His rundown trailer is merely where he lays his head between the bar, his work as an electrician and wherever else his adventures might take him. But lately he's been getting rail thin, coughing a lot and even passing out. It's only after a freak electrical accident on a work site that he winds up being seen by a doctor, and a brief high voltage jolt is the least of his problems. He's got HIV, and h...

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