The Heat Review by Hyper Focused Media

Hyper Focsed Media's Triverse writes, "In The Heat, we get Bullock, as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn inadvertently getting teamed up with McCarthy who plays Shannon Mullins. If you are thinking this is just like all of those other mismatched buddy cop movies then you are right, the thing here is, it is not derivative but lives up to it’s own hype and is just fun. The background of this partnership is that there is a major drug runner in Boston, the FBI send in one of their most straight arrow agents to help while the Boston PD has a renegade cop that would make Fred Dryer in Hunter look like a model police officer. The back and forth in fighting of this team would seem to be a downer for anyone that hasn’t seen the movie, for everyone that has, they know how funny it can get."

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