‘RoboCop’ First Look: José Padilha Tackles Drone Politics in Reboot


The first trailer for the upcoming “RoboCop” reboot is out, featuring plenty of action and a sleek new suit that pays homage to Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci-fi action film.

Hero Complex readers get an exclusive first look at some images from the upcoming film (check them out in the gallery above), as well as some perspective from the director, José Padilha.

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darklordzor1778d ago

I don't get why they moved from the silver suit to the black one. I know the reasoning in the trailer, but it makes little sense. He actually looks really bad ass in the original style suit in the trailer (and image). It doesn't look clunky or outdated, but still really cool. Switching to black looked worse to me.

adorie1776d ago

It is the duty of Hollywood to shit on the classics of old.