Sir Ian McKellen To Play Sherlock Holmes In “A Slight Trick Of The Mind”

Just when you think Sherlock Holmes has been adapted to death, this glorious, glorious thing happens.

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Speed-Racer1087d ago

Well this should be interesting.

wannabe gamer1087d ago

this man should have always been sherlock, he is just toooooo good of a fit to not be

ironfist921087d ago

I thought he was going to be in Guy Ritchie's film, but another adaptation? Why?

Deadpool6161087d ago

How many different Sherlock Holmes are there now?

ghostman1231087d ago

In film/TV I believe this makes 4.

1) RDJ Movies
2) BBC TV Show
3) Elementary
4) This one

Deadpool6161087d ago

I think the Sherlock Holmes bubble is about to pop.

Simon_Brezhnev1087d ago

I liked the BBC Sherlock and the 80s-90s Sherlock show. I dont think anybody will top Jeremy Brett.

SouthClaw1087d ago

Elementary is typical American trash. Not saying all American TV is trash but this was basically riding the coattail of BBC's Sherlock which was amazing. If there is an over saturation of a franchise it will pop.