Kurt Russell Joins Fast And Furious 7 Cast

The cast for Fast And Furious 7 (2014) just got a little bigger. In addition to the usual crew, Jason Statham and Tony Jaa, action veteran Kurt Russell has now signed on too. Now this is interesting, because when Sylvester Stallone asked Kurt Russell to be in The Expendables, Russell said no, that he doesn't do ensembles. I remember that episode quite clearly, the update came from Sly himself, that Kurt would never do an action ensemble...

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ironfist921752d ago

Wow...what is FF series turning into?

Blacktric1751d ago

They're still a lot better than those God awful Expendables movies.

DarkBlood1751d ago

hey now i happen to like expendables more then fast & furious series lol

Hergula1751d ago

Are you being serious? Cuz I took your reply as a complete and utter joke.

Blacktric1751d ago

Great to know that so many people here love a cheap movie series that constantly panders to the lowest common denominator and filled with cheap CG blood effects and a horrible soundtrack...

"Cuz I took your reply as a complete and utter joke."

Don't worry, the feeling is 100% mutual.

Hergula1751d ago

I feel the same, as while people seemingly loved the Fast Five and Fast Six movies, I personally still feel that the original Fast and Furious film is the best in the series, by far even. It wasn't about the hand-to-hand fighting and gunplay, like the rest of the series became after the original.

Don't get me wrong though, I still find the series entertaining, but far from good.