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'Lone Ranger' Fallout: Jerry Bruckheimer May Lose Final Cut on 'Pirates 5'

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Disney is talking with producer Jerry Bruckheimer about restructuring his deal for "Pirates of the Caribbean 5," and will likely strip his final cut privileges and limit the budget on the next installment of the film franchise, according to two individuals close to the project.

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Crazay1753d ago

That sucks because the Pirates series is a proven money maker and an awesome franchise. Hopefully it won't impact the final outcome too bad.

alycakes1752d ago

It will be a big mistake if they do that. That is one movie that has proven itself over and over. I don't know what they are thinking.

Sandmano1753d ago

Love pirates if the carribean hope the next one is good.

windblowsagain1752d ago

Nothing wrong with the lone ranger imo, i enjoyed it.

Pirates is obviously JD's bread and butter though.

cell9891752d ago

Tonto literally means stupid in spanish, who ever came up with that name is a tonto

Crazay1752d ago

LOL. really?!? That's hilarious

ironfist921752d ago

I never saw how a spanish translation relates to a Native Indian name, there are plenty of words which mean something different in other languages.

cell9891751d ago

good point, but it doesnt help that Depp plays a "dumb" goofy character in The Lone Ranger

MrDead1752d ago

The Lone Ranger would have been more successful if it came out 20-30 years ago as the generation that grew up with the original show would of flocked to see it. 2013 the Lone Ranger isn't known by the younger crowd but Pirates is and it's got a guaranteed audience, I'll be surprised if Disney tighten the reins.

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