'Amazing Spider-Man 4' Casting Call: Joe Manganiello As Venom


I know that doing a casting call for "Amazing Spider-Man 4" five years before it gets made—and before two preceding sequels even hit theaters—is a bit of a stretch, but the cosmic confluence of events surrounding this new bit of MTV News footage from San Diego's Comic-Con International and the possible resurrection of a Venom solo movie set in Marc Webb's new Spider-Verse warranted a full-on post.

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Crazay1753d ago

As far as his physical size, I'd say you can't get much better a person to be in the role of Venom. The rumors of him maybe being in contention for Batman don't fit in my opinion. His age is right, perhaps even his face would fit the bill Ok too but I think that he's far too big a man to take on the role of Batman. He'd be bigger than Superman and that just wouldn't work.

1752d ago
cell9891752d ago

I just hope they dont fuck it up again, Venom is one of the most badass anti-heroes ever made, and what Raimi did to that character was worse than the movie Batman&Robin...

ironfist921752d ago

It wasnt Raimi's fault, it was the studio exec's who pushed for Venom to be in it.

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cell9891751d ago

yes and Raimi didnt want him, so just like a child throwing a tantrum he purposelessly killed Venom just to make a point, giving us fans a hell of a treatment. This showed he never cared for the fans he was too egotistical for that, the success of the films got to his head.