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John Leguizamo Would Love to be the New Joker to Represent Latinos

Desde Hollywood

John Leguizamo talked to Desde Hollywood about his new movie Kick-Ass 2 (out Aug. 16). You will get to enjoy that exchange soon, but we wanted to share what the actor had to say about another comic-book property.

Many people forget that a Latino has played one of the most famous characters ever created, The Joker. Cesar Romero was the first one to bring the villain to life in the 60′s TV show ‘Batman’. His version was intense and creepy, considering that the production was aimed at kids.

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Crazay1719d ago

He's a ballsy actor if he really wants to try and tackle The Joker. Every single time someone puts that makeup on they'll be measured of to what Heath Leger did with the character. That takes a whole buttload of guts.

DarkBlood1718d ago

if this has taught us anything is that never judge a book by its cover thus we get someone like ledger pulling this off too damn well

the new joker is going to have to be more insane so to me this person would have to top legers performace considering we are talking about a version set in the fictional universe now

Crazay1718d ago

No question at all DB . I'm on your side but I seriously thought that Heath was going to be an amazing Joker backj when he was announced as the guy. I wasn't one of the internet trolls saying BrokeBack Batman or whatever hate speech they were casting in his direction. When I first heard the teaser with him as the joker and he gave the laugh, I had chills.

DarkBlood1718d ago

i never had interest seeing the batman movies till my first gf years back introduce me to the dark knight

man all i can say what a great one to start me with lol