Akira Movie May be Back on with Jaume Collet-Sera Directing


Warner Bros.' attempts to produce a live-action movie based on Katsuhiro Otomo's classic cyberpunk anime film Akira has been ongoing for many years now, but after departing the director's chair in early 2012 when production stalled, Jaume Collet-Serra is returning to the fold and plans to go into production on the movie as early as Spring 2014.

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Crazay1727d ago

Lose the script from before, lose the casting and start it all over from scratch and MAYBE we can talk. Otherwise, just leave it the hell alone.

Lord_Sloth1726d ago

I'd say they should go for it. If it sucks, it's not like we have to ditch our copies of the anime itself anyway.

MoJoOttawa1725d ago

Akira was an awesome graphic novel. It's too bad the cartoon had to cut out so much from them.

Anthotis1726d ago

Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing a live action version of Akira, unless of course they get Nolan to direct, and make it "realistic".

andron6661726d ago

Just drop it. It will probably end up a turkey along the lines of Aeon Flux, Max Payne, Dragon Ball Evolution or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I know most of these examples aren't anime, but they exemplifies how Hollywood usually just don't care about the source material, and make something that exploits the name of a known or established ip instead of taking a chance on something new.

75% of the time that results in something neither fans or newcomers really can call quality or a good representation of the source material...

Crazay1725d ago

I'm inclined to agree with you 100%. Akira is a story that can't be americanized and has to span 2-3 movies to properly convey Otoma's tale. If they really want to make a movie out of something of an anime film, go Ghost with the Shell.

blackmanone1725d ago

NEO New York? Are you kidding me? This movie just went from must watch to barely on my radar. Shame.

Crazay1725d ago

Ya...Let's hope that they burn the script and look back to the source material properly.