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Top 5: Actors Who Could Replace Jackman As Wolverine

Can you smell the controversy? Don’t worry – as I said in our review of The Wolverine – I agree that Jackman is pretty much irreplaceable in his role as Marvel’s slicey superhero but… what if? Anything can happen and in the event of great tragedy (or something similar), who could step up to the plate and assume the adamantium skeleton of The Wolverine? Because there is no way that Hollywood is willing to give up on Logan, no matter what may happen. So, here are five guys that I feel could – not should – replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...

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-Superman-1598d ago

Daniel Craig - Really? He is too old, and his hair is too thin. He is great Bond, but no way for Wolverine. Wolverine needs Wolverine hair, and Jackman has that, Craig does not have that. Also, Craig looks way too old.

Gerard Butler - Again, too old.

Russell Crowe - even older

Henry Cavill - No way... You cant have 2 main superhero rolls. He is already Superman, he cant be Wolverine.

So, i think Sam Worthington could be best choice. I mean Wolverine must be angry, and Sam can do that. Also, Sam is younger, so he can also play at least 15 years or so.

Pozzle1598d ago

Sam Worthington also can't act for shit, and seems to have trouble hiding his Australian accent in most films.

Baka-akaB1597d ago

Out of the list , the better choice for age reasons . But hum no i can't see it .

Otherwise yeah i agree . Isnt the whole point of recasting someone else to get someone younger to squeeze at least more trilogies ? If not what's the point ? Just keep Hugh Jackman

ABizzel11598d ago

Basically Begging Hollywood to make him a superhero

FamilyGuy1598d ago

He's way too tall to play Wolverine but yeah, he'd work as... something.

Baka-akaB1597d ago

Meh he can't even look that menacing as a werewolf , despite his impressive build . I just find him cheesy , because of his acting

n4f1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

he could be
spray some dirt on him and there you go

Kingdom Come1598d ago

I can't particularly imagine any of those capable of envisioning Logan's scarred personality. Reading this list just makes me appreciate Jackman's performances even more...

darklordzor1599d ago

Seeing as how some of the people on this list are the same age or seems kind of ridiculous.

kevinodonnell911599d ago

It's not based upon Jackman's retirement from the role. Just current actors who could step in for any reason. Thanks for reading though.

DarkBlood1599d ago

while i dont agree much with the list in its entirely however i find the last bit in the henry cavill paragraph funny lol

personally i think it needs to be someone younger after all this is a franchise character like james bond for popularity reasons

they should give the role to an actual canadian maybe a starting out actor chance to shine. as a person trying to be an actor someday i hope i can audition for the role lol

Garethvk1598d ago

There is always Dougray Scot, He was the original choice after all.

kevinodonnell911598d ago

Was he!? I didn't know that!

Father Murder X1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Yep. he was the original choice and actually was signed to play Wolverine. Then the mission impossible movie he was shooting ran long and FOX replaced him with Hugh Jackman. The rest they say is history!!!!!

NOW Jackman is on of the biggest stars in the world and I can't name two movies dougray scott played in!!!


Garethvk1598d ago

Exactly he is on the Netflix Series Hemlock Grove now.

shodan741598d ago

Gerard Butler would be a good choice. But if we could get a time machine together to secure a young Clint Eastwood - that'd be the ultimate piece of casting.

MWH1598d ago

young clint is perfect for both, wolverine and solid snake.

Hayabusa 1171598d ago

I used to think Clint Eastwood was the ONLY guy that could've played Wolverine, until I saw Jackman of course.

I actually think Henry Cavill could work, but mostly based on the fact that he has a beard in that picture and looks angry.

Russel Crowe and Garard Butler: maybe if they were young, which they aren't.

Sam Worthington and Daniel Craig: never, not in a million years.

Ultimately, they're all good actors but I can't imagine any of them topping Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

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The story is too old to be commented.