Greg Berlanti Talks CW’s ‘The Flash’

Deadline: Following a TCA session promoting his new CW series The Tomorrow People, executive producer Greg Berlanti briefly discussed his participation in a planted spinoff of his CW series Arrow next season focusing on the DC superhero character The Flash. The CW president Mark Pedowitz earlier in the day credited Berlanti with shepherding the idea with Warner Bros. TV’s Peter Roth and DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson.

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RetrospectRealm1760d ago

Sounds cool. Can't wait for an Arrow-Flash crossover episode(s).

DarkBlood1760d ago

i knew with how he mention wanting to be in the justice league movie that something like this was bound to happen and for that its pretty awesome

ironfist921758d ago

I would love to see Man of Steel be linked with both Arrow and Flash and The Dark Knight.

Just link all the franchises together ffs.