Total Film | The Lone Ranger Review


What's fundamentally wrong with The Lone Ranger is precisely that: the fundamentals.

Whereto start?

How about an eponymous hero (Armie Hammer) whose origin journey from lawyer to avenger is as misconceived as it is unengaging?

Then there’s the slog of a story, centred on the construction ofa train line through Comanche territory.

Even the Pirates posse (Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski), with their fondness for bloat, should’ve recognised that such an arc cried out for the lean, mean approach.

The tone of this radio/TV serial reboot zig-zags from sadistic to farcical, with Indian genocide and a heart-eating villain (William Fichtner) sharing screen time with pratfalls and Depp’s Tonto, who reluctantly partners up with Hammer.

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