Hugh Jackman Returns As The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman brought Fox's The Wolverine to San Diego Comic Con 2013. He and the filmmakers talk about the latest adventure in this exclusive press conference.

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creHEARTive1732d ago

It seems that they took the time to get his Japan story right. And rumor has it that he may end up in a certain costume by the end of the movie!

gamerlive1732d ago

It's cool that he's also going to be in the new X-Men.

alycakes1731d ago

I'm happy about that too. I don't think his part is going to be that big though.

DarkBlood1731d ago

this is wolverine we are talking about im sure he's going to be at least 70 percent equal to the rest of the cast on screen time lol

that or they have a longer movie timeframe