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Nerdluster Writes: After being Disney approved, Bruckheimer produced, Verbinski directed and starring the multi award-winning talents of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger should've been the best possible chance we had at rebooting a classic serial western. Unfortunately it comes across as one of the worst filmic atrocities this generation has wrought on a previous era's character and content. It's so bad in fact that it spends a good portion of its two plus hours of story attempting to disparage nearly every culture and creed that existed on the North American continent in the 1800's.

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KingPin1734d ago

this movie was utter junk.
i'd rather pay to watch the 50's movie in the cinema than this POS.

depp is like jack sparrow disguised as a native american. which is just disappointing.
also, the lone ranger theme song for like 10 minutes at the end was a let down. where was it for the other 2 hours of the movie?

and then his signature "hi-ho silver, away!" even got made fun of. dafaq were they thinking? were they trying to go the scary movie route by making fun of the original source material?

another thing, the pirates of the Caribbean had good humour at times, but trying that same type of humour feels dated. like telling old jokes. people just arent gonna find it as funny as they did the first time.

if the cinema had a money-back return after the first 30 minutes i would have definitely went for that option. next time these guys team up (Verbinski, Bruckheimer, Depp) i wanna see something new not a wanna be pirates.