Peter Jackson Blogs From The Hobbit's Final Day of Production

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It is no doubt with a heavy heart that Peter Jackson now begins his final day of production on the set of The Hobbit in Wellington, New Zealand. He has, however, a special treat for fans as he works through his final hours in Middle Earth.

"Ever since starting these blogs," he writes on his official Facebook page, "there's been something I thought I'd like to try one day (as well as answering the other 19 questions I owe you!) - blogging throughout a shoot day in real time. Try to give you all a feeling for what we deal with on an average day. Today is not exactly "average", given it's our last day of shooting, but if I don't do it today, I never will!"

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coolbeans1795d ago

Really enjoyed Part 1. Here's hoping Part 2 and 3 deliver. :)

And thanks for that other trilogy too, Jackson. :)