'X-Men' First Look: 'Days Of Future Past' Posters Split The Difference

EW: Duality and split personas have been part of superhero cinema for years but usually it’s one actor playing two parts (Superman and Clark Kent, Batman and Bruce Wayne, etc.) not two actors sharing the same character in one film but then again X-Men Days of Future Past is not your typical caped caper.

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DarkBlood1769d ago

i want the magneto one as a poster lol

ironfist921768d ago

Why isnt Rebecca Romihn coming back if Jennifer Lawrence is?

Or is Days of Future Past set AFTER the events of The Last Stand?

RetrospectRealm1765d ago

I think it is set after Last Stand. I may be wrong but I think I heard this somewhere.

aDDicteD1763d ago

i like how they constructed the poster, i think this film has the potential to be the best x men film yet and part of it is because it might negate everything that happened in the last stand which was a horrible film.