'Veronica Mars' Teams Says Film Will Be Love Letter To Fans

Will the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie end up a hit? The track record of crowdfunded projects is too mixed to tell, but if the response from attendees of today’s Comic-Con panel is any indication, the risk might just pay off. The panel featured the main cast including star Kristen Bell as well as director and series creator Rob Thomas, who revealed that the feature film based on the WBTV series that ran from 2004-2007 will aim to heavily reward fans for their dedication. Thomas, after quipping that the film has a “Godfather III feel to it”, said he wanted to tell the story he thinks fans want. “I know the pleasure centers of viewers of the show, and I wrote to them,” he said. Later he said that while the film will be accessible to new viewers, it will be packed with “fun little Easter eggs” and “lots of references” for longtime fans.

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alycakes1766d ago

I'm really going to like seeing this if for no other reason ... just to see all of them together again. I really liked the show and still watch the reruns when I get a chance.