Ryan Reynolds Talks Justice League; "It Would Certainly Be A Challenge"

CBM: Comments made during the San Diego Comic-Con have seemingly made it clear that Ryan Reynolds has moved on from Hal Jordan, and in the following interview, the Green Lantern star briefly shares his thoughts on the possibility of reprising the role in Justice League. It doesn't sound likely!

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RetrospectRealm1347d ago

Hope to god Reynolds isn't in JL.

Hergula1346d ago

Agreed, considering how terrible of a job he did playing one of the most well known comic book characters in the world.

DarkBlood1347d ago

With a movie big as it is with each characters it will sure give you a run for the money.

ironfist921346d ago

I put it up do good directing and writing

Bring back Bale and Reynolds, to have continuity among the films.