‘World War Z’ Endings: The Bloody Battle In Russia Vs. Damon Lindelof's Rewrite

IW: The Original: Dante’s Inferno In Russia
How It Transitions: So the movie is generally the same in the script as the finished movie (aside from a few things here and there that we’ll get to) up until Israel. The zombies still get over the wall and attack, and Pitt and Segen (who still gets her hand chopped off) jump on a plane as well. But instead of crash landing because of a grenade, the plane lands safely in Russia. But not all is well on the ground and the situation is actually much worse than it was in Israel (minus the zombie hordes attacking).

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RetrospectRealm1745d ago

I'm fine with either one to be honest. Great movie, highly recommend this.

blackmanone1744d ago

Wasn't an awful movie, but I couldn't recommend anyone pay for this. Not while it will be on Netflix in 4 movies.

RetrospectRealm1744d ago

"Not while it will be on Netflix in 4 movies." I don't understand.