Zachary Quinto Says‘Star Trek 3′ Will Shoot Next Year, Abrams May Direct And More


At a special public interview at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh on Friday, July 12, Zachary Quinto discussed his illustrious career and his roles in Star Trek, Heroes and American Horror Story. BuzzHub had a front-row seat, and witnessed first hand what Quinto had to say about his current and future projects, including some revealing and intriguing information!

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Hergula1805d ago

Of course they should make a third film, so the fact that they will start shooting next year, is quite nice to know.

Crazay1805d ago

I predict we see the Klingons as the main protagonist.

DarkBlood1805d ago

i bet it will turn into a saga i mean why not heck not right?

im not heavly into the universe but im sure theres a couple more major villians in it

hazelamy1805d ago

V'Ger's still out there.
and the probe from IV might still be on it's way to earth.

i wonder what Abrams would do with the Borg.
that could be interesting. o_O

perdie1805d ago

I think you mean't antagonist, but yes, the klingons will probably be that

Crazay1805d ago


What's that?

DarkBlood1804d ago

if your asking me whats a saga well its 6 films lol but you probably already know that

if you mean "why's that" which is probably the case :P its because starwars did it but with what i seen of star trex each movie can be a sequal but contained with its own story that doesnt expand over the course of 2 more films

not that i have a problem with either direction or anything

hazelamy1805d ago

wouldn't Abrams be a little busy filming Star Wars next year?