David Oyelowo To Star In BN Films' 'Nightingale''

David Oyelowo will star in the indie drama Nightingale, the latest project from Mexico- and Santa Monica-based BN Films. The Brit actor, who appears in theaters next month in The Weinstein Co.’s The Butler, will play Peter Snowden, a man obsessively in love with an old Army friend who begins to spiral downward as the pair’s reunion approaches. BN producers Lucas Akoskin and Alex Garcia announced the casting today. The script by Frederick Mensch was discovered after being submitted to the Black List site. Elliott Lester (Love Is The Drug) is directing the pic, which is filming in Los Angeles. Josh Weinstock, BN’s Katrina Wolfe, and Lester are producing the film, while Akoskin and Garcia are executive producing. BN debuted in December, boasting a $150M production fund eyeing multilingual pictures.

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alycakes1745d ago

I like him and I love his accent. He's done a lot on BBC America and he's a very good actor.