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Hear Me Out: Johnny Depp Has Become Mike Myers


The Lone Ranger is one of the biggest tentpole releases of the year. With a trimmed budget of $215 million, it needed to be a big hit for Disney to even break even. But over a five-day opening weekend it made just $48 million, a figure that is shockingly low to those of us who keep an eye on these things. There are plenty of possible reasons why, including the fact that The Lone Ranger doesn't necessarily appeal to younger audiences. But certainly, following the insane success of their Depp-fronted Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney was expecting Johnny Depp to be the major draw. But with what looks to be his second flop in as many years, it appears Depp's star power is failing. I say it's his own damn fault. He's overreaching on his star power, thinking he can do no wrong, and that wackier/wilder equals better. It's a costly mistake that Mike Myers made before him, and Depp may be heading for a Myers-like decline. Hear me out. (Culture, Johnny Depp)

Crazay  +   869d ago
It's getting to be pretty easy to see that the charm of Johnny Depp is beginning to wear pretty thin on many people.
adorie  +   869d ago
He's been in too many movies and that makes people want to see him on screen less.

Helena Boeheim is also guilty of being in too many movies. I find it mildly difficult to see her in a movie. She kind of robs it's atmosphere because of that "oh, I've seen her before... 3089 movies before this one"
Crazay  +   869d ago
Can't stand her her and massive forehead. She doesn't belong in movies at all
asmith2306  +   868d ago
I said it before and I will say it again... for these kinds of roles he is milking, he is a great actor. Blow, Who's Eating Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco, etc. he is great in all of them more serious movies.
Varzoth  +   869d ago
I agree with this article for sure.
ElizaCreststeel  +   869d ago
The Tourist ended up -30mil at least. Rum Diary didn't make 1/2 its budget back. Rango barely broke even. And Dark Shadows didn't make money.
ajax17  +   869d ago
Rango was good, though.
ElizaCreststeel  +   868d ago
No argument. I thought it was a lot of fun and very well done.
barb_wire  +   868d ago
I wouldn't call 'The Tourist' a bomb (at least not in the sense in what I'd call a bomb)

'The Tourist' cost $100mil and made $278mil worldwide.
'Rum Diary' cost $45mil and made $23mil WW.
'Rango' cost $135mil and made $245mil WW
'Dark Shadows' cost $150mil and made $245mil WW

Yeah, not blow your socks off blockbusters and I don't have any figures on the marketing budgets for the above, but when you factor in VOD, BD, DVD and TV sales.. pretty sure all those movies (even 'The Rum Diary') made it into the black.
DarkBlood  +   869d ago
Well im going to guess Depp has done more films then mike

but i guess if you look at what they have in common is applying almost the same essence in thier films not that i have a problem with that depending on the movies
Scrivlar  +   869d ago
I don't think that's fair Depp has always done lots of films that weren't hugely grossing or blockbusters but he wanted the acting challenge. Only really since Pirates is it now expected of him to make uber millions for every film. If you look back to before he was an A-lister there are plenty roles he took on that weren't a big hit.
Crazay  +   869d ago
A fair point by you but when you become an a-lister who commands the kind of salary he does, the viewers and studios have much higher expectations from you. Also, let's not forget that a good number of those movies he made prior becoming so big were by indies and movies with budgets less than $50 million.
Scrivlar  +   869d ago
I suppose that's what comes with being an A-lister. I'll still go see the film when it comes out over here (Scotland) because I liked the look of his Tonto character, and I've been hearing good things about Armie Hammer, but I'll try not to get my hopes up too much.
ironfist92  +   869d ago
To be fair, him and Burton are close friends, and as any good friend would do, you'd help and support them in anything they'd ask you (whether it be a bad idea) hence why Depp's latest films havent been as commendable as his other works.

With Pirates, he was a fun character whom people loved, and people expect him to be the same in every film...which doesnt work.

I wanted to like Lone Ranger, but Westerns just dont appeal to me the same way Pirates do.

I dont think the blame should be put on Depp, but rather the people who produce the works he's asked to do.
SilentNegotiator  +   869d ago
When a friend of mine has a bad idea, I do this:
SilentNegotiator  +   869d ago
"I wanted to like Lone Ranger, but Westerns just dont appeal to me the same way Pirates do"

All of the good westerns (60s-70s especially) weren't really action-focused anyway. They were dramatic and examined social issues.

It's kinda like how so many space scifi remakes are being done with lots of action; they're missing the point entirely.
ajax17  +   869d ago
He really does need to stop playing "Johnny Depp" for a while.
spartanlemur  +   869d ago
Well, Nicolas Cage appears in an absurd amount of movies and yet it's only made him more popular.
ElizaCreststeel  +   868d ago
The trick for actors in Hollywood is the whole math system studios and producers have in place. They see stars as a pay rate vs. bankability. So, if they think a certain person will bring in a certain amount, then their agent is going to ask or expect a certain amount in return. No matter what kind of film it is, the goal is to keep your scale moving upwards as a sign of success and bankability - even if the math proves otherwise. Because if you're moving down, the demand to hire you goes away.
Joe913  +   868d ago
I think it was just bad timing for the Lone Ranger to come out they should have waited till the end of summer to release the movie even though Man of Steel been out a while ppl are still talking about it. To come out between that and Wolverine and Pacific Rim and the price of movies today what did they expect. Riddick comes out later this summer which was very smart for them for not thinking they can take on the bigger movies. Johnny Depp isn’t even the main character so to put the blame on him because he is the more well-known actor is not right IMO his movies have been flopping but I honestly think he is just having fun as far as acting goes after Pirates he really didn’t have to act anymore he made a bunch off of those movies.
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Clarence  +   868d ago
He needs to stop acting like jake sparrow. It's like Eddie Murphy always sounds like he's one of the klumps

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