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CGM Reviews: The Lone Ranger

Even be a more risky proposition than Pirates Of The Caribbean. Armed with one of the biggest budgets ever thrown at a blockbuster (even after the director, star, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer took substantial pay cuts to make things reasonable) the duo attempted not just to revive the Western genre for Disney’s kiddie crowd, but also The Lone Ranger, a semi-superhero who went out of style along with radio drama. Yet, somehow against all odds they’ve delivered a surprisingly clever and entertaining Cowboys and Indians epic that should please the Western nostalgic parents as much as children. Sure it’s far too long for a popcorn flick and is stuffed with more ideas, subplots, and framing devices than the editors knew what to do with. But once again Depp and Verbinski have taken an idea that shouldn’t work and turned it into A-grade summer entertainment (and that’s even after they seemed to forget how to pull off that trick in the Pirates sequels…shudder).

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