CGM Reviews: White House Down

Remember a few months ago when Olympus Has Fallen delivered dumb action craving audiences a remake of Die Hard in the White House? Well, just in time for July 4, we’re getting another one. That’s right, just like the summer of Dante’s Peak/Volcano or Deep Impact/Armageddon, two Hollywood studios got into a war over who could make the best blockbuster out of a B-concept and released them both in quick succession despite the inevitable audience confusion/exhaustion.

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KingPin1746d ago

i watched this movie the other day.
must say the action was quite enjoyable, story was meh.
i don't know, personally im tired of all these patriotic movies and how "america is so great and organized" and "we will do everything for our president" movies.

it was quite predictable and the lines were cheesy.

at least they addressed one issue was that when they get attcked, they automatically assume its the arabs. as if all americans are soooooo patriotic.