Transformers 4 "Freightliner" Revealed; Is This Ultra Magnus?


Michael Bay has revealed another Transformers 4 vehicle via his official site, and we may just know which character this one is the disguise of! The Freightliner cab-over truck is quite possibly Optimus Prime's "brother", Ultra Magnus.

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Crazay1793d ago

Ultra Magnus has to be in the next movie in my opinion. Ultra Magnus, Grimlock and Unicron.

Sahil1791d ago

Too bad Robert Stack (Unsolved Mysteries) isn't around anymore to voice him if it is indeed Ultra Magnus.

Sahil1791d ago

I always hated Ultra Magnus when I was a kid. When I rented the movie for the first time, I loved every second of Optimus being on the screen, then he died and this p*ssy version of his took his place.

I got over it, of course. :P But he's still tainted from that first look at him.