Throwing Digital Sheep Review: World War Z

Vicki Dolley writes: "World War Z. Or should it be called How Ridiculous Blundering Humans Exacerbated the Apocalypse…? Oh, Brad Pitt. You are better than this.

We didn’t need another schlock zombie flick. Already the entertainment industry has been overwhelmed – particularly in the last 3 years or so with their increasing popularity – with zombie-themed films, TV shows, video games and apps. It’s no secret that despite some undead gems surfacing onto our screens the zombie sub-genre has, as a whole, become tired and saturated; style over substance is emphasized, resulting in a predictable snorefest that nobody remembers a week later. Well, enter World War Z, a big budget zombocalypse that will have you yawning on the edge of your seat."

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Sahil1991d ago

I would've at least given it an 8! I mean 4 come on, Pitt's acting was pretty phenomenal and the only reason it wasn't rated R was because Brad Pitt told his kids he would only do PG-13 movies so that his kids could watch him on the big screen....I'm a gore kinda guy, but this movie rocked the shit out of me and it wasn't even gory!