Total Film | The Bling Ring Review

Aiming for a faster GoodFellas-styleparanoia vibe in the last act, the film simply can’t pump enough drama out of the relentless repetition of thieving and partying.

Flatly watchful where it should be tense, its only real delight is Watson’s unsinkable bad-girl, shamelessly manipulating a Vanity Fair profile and the media buzz in pursuit of her 15 minutes of fame. “I might want to lead a country one day, for all I know,” she pouts at the paparazzi. You go, girl.

Sharp and shiny as the jewellery its twisted teens pilfer, Coppola’s cautionary tale eschews action for angsting about celeb-obsessed culture. Worth it just to hear Watson snarl “I wanna ROB!”

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Sahil1815d ago

Not one to be so pedantic usually, but that review had more grammar and spelling mistakes in it than my 10 year old's homework.