The Daily Rotation - World War Z Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Marc Forster‘s highly-discussed big screen adaptation of the popular novel World War Z is here and it’s actually not as bad as it looks or sounds, despite the film’s numerous re-writes, re-shoots and delays. Brad Pitt carries what is arguably the biggest zombie film in terms of sheer size and scale and the result is a middling effort that’s scary and tense in some moments and completely dumb and off the rails in others. World War Z is good though and for that reason alone you really should see it on the biggest screen possible."

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Sahil1816d ago

I thought the movie was great. And really, I'm starting to think that film critics can't be trusted, because when you make watching movies your job, you get jaded and start to gripe about things that the average film goer just doesn't notice or care about. I've seen a few zombie movies, and I thought World War Z was terrific and original in its own right. I probably wouldn't feel the same way about it if I'd seen every single zombie movie ever made. But I'm not a big zombie fan or a film critic.