Could After Earth's Failure Be Down To Jaden Smith?

Will Smith is usually considered box office gold in Hollywood, with sixteen out of twenty of his films having grossed over $100 million. So why has his latest outing, After Earth, been such a flop? Matt Lee examines the case that the failure could be down to the supposed real star of the movie, Jaden Smith.

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Ask1866d ago

Jaden smith really fucks me off as an kid actor. Mainly because his dad just keeps thrusting him out there.

peter_fyth1866d ago

While Jaden Smith annoys the hell out of me (seriously, he's way too confident for a 14-year-old), I do feel a bit sorry for him. His parents make no attempt to let him have a normal childhood and insist on thrusting him in front of the cameras. He's never going to be anyone except Will Smith's son.

Ask1866d ago

True. If he could fucking act that would help too.

jack_o_doyle1866d ago

I hate Jaden Smith, the kid can't act and is only where he is because his dad is Will Smith. What kind of parents would do this to their own kid, he's just become a freak show. Totally agree with the article, After Earth could have been good if they had let Will Smith take control, but they seem to be obsessed with making Jaden a massive star, despite the fact that he isn't nearly good enough to lead a Hollywood blockbuster!

aviator1891864d ago

jaden smith can't act, especially now as he's growing up. it shows.

will smith, u are awesome, but please stop putting your kid in your movies now.