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‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel Underway With Zack Snyder And David S. Goyer


This isn’t exactly a surprise given the hot anticipation and theatrical buzz awaiting Man Of Steel‘s limited opening Thursday and wide release Friday in 4,200+ theaters. But I’ve learned it’s official: Warner Bros Pictures is fast-tracking the Superman reboot sequel with its successful twosome already in place: Zack Snyder reprising as director and David S. Goyer repeating as screenwriter. What is a question mark next time is the role Christopher Nolan will fill. To reimagine this 3rd Superman franchise, Nolan stepped in as producer and mentor and story co-writer. I’m told that next time Nolan’s producer role won’t be as “full blown”. Hey, he’s busy working on other projects and now the sequel is on firm footing just as the first’s 3D and 2D grosses start rolling in. (This isn’t a Green Lantern situation all over again: that pic badly underperformed. No way this one will.) There’s also a Justice League movie with Superman being plotted. Meanwhile, fanboys are speculating who’ll be the villain/s in this Superman sequel: Brainiac, Bizarro, Metallo, Doomsday, Darkseid, other?

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Hergula1860d ago

I am not surprised that there will be a sequel, considering how hyped Man of Steel already is.

Crazay1860d ago

This is going to be awesome. I suspect that the immediate and fast decision to get moving on the next movie moving is so they can begin the real buildup for JLA.

Jdash241860d ago

Saw this movie last Saturday (special sneak preview on a nearby military base) and it was fantastic. Glad the sequel is already underway.

Crazay1860d ago

I am so incredibly jealous of you right now

DarkBlood1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

as a superman fan out of the entire dc universe this is great news to me i cant wait and i havent even seen the first one yet lol

peter_fyth1859d ago

Yes! I'm a huge Superman fan, and hope to God that Man of Steel lives up to the hype and isn't the crushing disappointment that was Superman Returns. I wonder what kind of story would feature in a sequel, LL or Darkseid maybe? That would be sick.