Megan Fox in Transformers 4?


Could Megan Fox be returning for "Transformers 4"? It was just a couple of months ago that director Michael Bay said no, but an interesting exchange has occurred over on Bay's Shoot for the Edit forums regarding her potential return. A forum member pointed out that Paramount's official Instagram account posted an image of the recently revealed Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe with hashtag #MeganFox. The forum administrator nelson initially responded that it was fake:

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Crazay1868d ago

Mmmmmm....egan Fox will could appear. Seems plausible enough to me that she would at very least have a small cameo in Transformers 4. Admittedly I still wish that Shia was back.

kevinsheeks1867d ago

wait what do you mean wish shia was back? is he out?

seanpitt231867d ago

Yes Shia is out they offered the Rock (Dwayne johnson) the main character role but he turned it down due to conflicting time schedules filming the Hercules so mark wallberg took the role instead.

GuyThatPlaysGames1867d ago

This Transformers series has gone on long enough, it's time to kill it now. Michael Bay has milked it for all it's worth. Megan Fox is the WORST actress in Hollywood ! And plus I'm tired of looking at her. Get someone hotter and new in there that can actually act and then maybe, just maybe, the movie can be watchable.

KingPin1861d ago

"Megan Fox is the WORST actress in Hollywood !"

go watch twilight and come back and say that with a straight face.

im not saying shes the best, but there is much worse in hollywood.

r1sh121867d ago

why would anyone want her back?
she is 1 of the big reasons why the franchise was ruined, she left during pre-production and the script had to change.
Now shes going to be in teenage mutant ninja turtles and this :(

Dont forget she left saying "I do not want to be screaming in every film"

Magnus1867d ago

I am hoping Rosie Huntington whitley is back in the franchise she is way hotter than Megan Fox plus she can actually act Megan Fox can't act her way out of a paper bag.

level 3601867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Article confirms it was fake.

It would be good to see Megan back I think.

But also putting new actors wouldn't ruin the franchise as long as those actors gel quite seamlessly.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891867d ago

I think transformers Needs a new director possibly Christopher Nolan, who is a director who actually tries to make an emotional connection with the viewer micheal bay is rediculous and couldn't produce a believable love story if his life depended on it. And who ever said Rosie huntington is a good actress is borderline insane she was purely arm candy and Michael bay shoved her into our faces last movie. Movie starts off and Shia already has a new love that has zero build up like what micheal expects were just suppouse to believe it cause she's hot how bout stop picking super models nobody cares people find the girl next door just as appealing. Worst director ever. And he's destroying a awesome movie franchise 1 movie at a time.

Dannycr1867d ago

Transformers doesn't need emotional connections. It needs to concentrate on the autobots and decepticons. Not the humans.

Everyone thinks Nolan is the answer to ALL comic book/cartoon heroes and that is not true. Even the Batman films he's done are lacking in some areas regarding the character.

This movie needs to be what transformers is all about: Transformation, action, destruction and specially... NOT HUMANS!

Thank god Megan Fox is not in here, but sadly she's going to ruin TMNT. She just needs to quit acting.

nix1867d ago


no more "emotional connection" movies which were once action movies. please.

third batman from nolan was crap. let's all admit it. i don't want him doing james bond movies. already the last 007 movie has been influenced by nolan's type of movies. when i want go to watch blockbuster action movies... i want blockbuster action movies. not some emotional connection crap.

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