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Independent Cinema - This is the End Review

Independent Cinema writes: There’s no denying that we are all obsessed with celebrity culture. So much so that we demand seeing beyond the spotlight and witnessing stars doing boring, mundane things. There are the celebrities who just want to be left alone, and then there are the ones who crave the spotlight at all times, reveling in their successes. If This is the End‘s comedic sketch of the Apocalypse is trying to say anything of merit, it’s that being a celebrity is a one-way ticket to Hell. But what a fun and enjoyable ride it is, right? Well, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg show that it might be an exciting time to live like a celebrity, but it doesn’t come without consequences. However, it wouldn’t be a Rogen and Goldberg collaboration if we didn’t get to spend an hour with all of their friends, as they try to piece together what exactly is happening in the Hollywood Hills, while entertaining themselves and trying to stay alive.

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