Jennifer Lawrence Spotted In Mystique Form On Set Of X-Men: Days of Future Past


Sporting the vibrant blue paint and body suit for her return as Mystique, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted in-between takes on the Montreal set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Crazay1750d ago

Hottest blue chick ever...Just saying.

Anthotis1749d ago

Mystique should be played by someone who isn't fat.

Th3 Chr0nic1749d ago

if thats what you call fat then most of the world must be hideous to you. or your just a dumbass cunt

adorie1749d ago

She's not fat, it's her wide facial bone structure that gives you that impression. She's a very pretty woman. Any woman worth her self would realize when another looks great. Jennifer Lawrence is a great looking woman at that!

Crazay1749d ago

Jennifer Lawrence is anything but fat. Give your head a shake dude.

Human Analog1749d ago

Anthotis: Your Proctologist called. He found your head.

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Brianaro1749d ago

I wanna see how you look troll

DarkBlood1749d ago

starting to look more like the first 3 x-men version mystique not that im complaining or anything

this is pretty awesome

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