Fast & Furious 6 After The Credits Spoiler

Fast & Furious 6 is earning rave reviews from audiences and is even doing surprisingly well with critics. While a car chase movie isn’t generally the type of film that is the darling of critics, most critics seem to at least be praising the film for being very well done for what it is.

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Sandmano1882d ago

I still need to watch this.

topgun331879d ago

I saw the movie opening night, and thought it was awesome. I am curious as to find out, how did Shaw's brother get Dom's necklace, if Shaw originally took it from Letty in the film, and I recall, he just threw it on the table after he interrogated her concerning her alliance to him. I do not remember seeing him wearing it the rest of the movie. Either a) it was confiscated when he arrested by Hobbes in his attempt to escape with the chip, b) Shaw somehow survived the fall, at the climax of the movie, because his body was blown out of the plane, and gave it to his brother. Gina Carrano's character was blown out also, but she had a harpoon in her chest, courtesy of Letty, so she is dead. Or C,the most plausable, since Shaw was deep in this power syndicate-setting up Braga, and has a well oiled machine, hence if one of his cronies dies due to their mistakes- he has another cog to fill in after he died-then his brother will take his place and while going through the files, he comes across Torreto's necklace. The phone call that he makes to Dom, was probably done on Shaw's own phone because Stratham doesn't know his number.

This is just my two sense. Looking forward to Part 7 next summer. What do you guys or ladies think?

StarWarsFan1876d ago

I can't believe the next one is coming so soon next year.