Zoe Saldana Prepares To Go Galactic With 'Guardians'

USA: Need to cast a female sci-fi character, even one who's a green alien? Call Zoe Saldana.

After two Star Trek films and a lead role in James Cameron's Avatar, the actress guesses that at least she has "a soft spot" for the genre. And she'll need it for her next role, as cosmic warrior Gamora in the superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy, based on the Marvel Comics series.

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RetrospectRealm1850d ago

I'm really interested on how their going to do Guardians on the big screen. I mean, Rocket Rackoon, and pretty much all the characters in the film will be hard. Plus, they're taking a risk because everyone who isn't a comic book reader won't know who they are.

ironfist921849d ago

This will be intersting to watch unestablished comic characters, set in the same universe as Avengers, being portrayed to the general audience.

Watchmen was pretty successful despite alot of people not knowing about it beforehand, so maybe this will work too.

TwistedMetal1849d ago

people thought that one dude from the watchman was batman lol. the dude with the bat ears costume.

ironfist921848d ago

Im pretty sure everyone did, even me. Nite Owl.

StarWarsFan1843d ago

I don't know how many people are really excited about this movie, at least to the degree of The Avengers. And I think Zoe Saldana is a bit overrated.