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10 Famous Faces You Didn’t Know Were in Star Trek Movies


Long before Alice Eve got down to her undies in “Star Trek Into Darkness”, Christopher Lloyd got down with, um, Klingon in “Star Trek III : The Search for Spock”. Die hard Trekkies likely remember the “Back to the Future” star in the part of that film’s villain, just as they will the blink-and-you’ll-miss-him cameo from ’90s heartthrob Christian Slater in “Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country”. But others, like those only recently introduced to the series by way of JJ Abrams’ reboot and it’s 2013 sequel, likely have no idea that some of their “favourite stars” have done fleeting appearances in some of the past “Star Trek” movies. As such, here are ten names you’ll spot in the earlier flicks!

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coolbeans1882d ago

Interesting list.

*Sigh* Christian Slater...whatever happened to him anyway?

Crazay1882d ago

HAHAH! He made Alone in the Dark movie with Tara was all downhill from there.

coolbeans1882d ago

Oh had to remind me of that?

(Yes, I actually saw that travesty way back then)


Crazay1882d ago

I started to watch it...then I sobered up. =P

StarWarsFan1873d ago

I never thought about all the people that have passed through the Star Trek franchises. An epic list.