The Wolverine: Yukio And Viper Character Posters; New Trailer Hits Tomorrow

CBM: We've seen these cool Japanese art style posters for Wolverine and Silver Samurai already, now Fox has sent us over a couple of new ones featuring the very dangerous ladies in Logan's life, Viper and Yukio. Also, the brand new trailer launches tomorrow!

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RetrospectRealm1831d ago

I like the style of these posters. I hope we get a Wolverine poster in this style.

ironfist921830d ago

...have you been living under a rock?

RetrospectRealm1830d ago

I guess I just missed that one. Thanks for being nice about it.

aDDicteD1830d ago

Nice thing to post that wolverine poster. I missed on seeing that one too, I remember the silver samurai having one but I haven't seen this version of wolverine yet.

Hergula1831d ago

Nice posters,yet I still feel a bit weird about the Wolverine movie... It does not feel Wolverine-esque whatsoever.

ironfist921830d ago

Maybe thats a good thing. Less about "Wolverine" more about Logan.

A character based story

Hergula1830d ago

U make a good point, I´ll keep my mind open until I actually see the movie.

aDDicteD1830d ago

I feel the same thing specially after watching the latest trailer.

aDDicteD1830d ago

I'm liking the art on this posters, very well done.