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Iron Man 3 Review | LRA

LRA writes: It's safe to say that by this point Tony Stark the man has become more popular than Iron Man himself. Most of that is due in thanks to Robert Downey Jr. who has not only become synonymous with the mogul Tony Stark character, but is near inseparable from him. This turn of events where the actor has overtaken the popularity of the character he is portraying is an interesting problematic equation that has resulted in a rather unbalanced third chapter in the Iron Man/Tony Stark saga. Although Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is the best thing about "Iron Man 3", he is also the symptom as to what is wrong with not only this film, but what has become an epidemic of the super hero movie genre itself.

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alycakes1893d ago

I loved this movie but then I'm partial because from day one when I saw the first Iron Man I knew I liked RDJ as Iron Man and the character himself. I hope he continues to do Iron Man for The Avengers too.

aDDicteD1885d ago

most accurate review so far for ironman 3 it tackles the goods and the bads about this film. in the end yes its more of a rental or at most matinee price.

StarWarsFan1884d ago

I thought Iron Man 2 was a bit of a letdown. I just hope it's better than that.